Located on 1365 Yonge Street, Bask Tanning Salon is an uptown salon with a cozy interior and a bohemian vibe where Shah Emily Noaman, founder of 3SHAHS, sat down with Humaira Riaz for a one-on-one interview. 3 SHAHS is a jewelry brand owned by the lovely Shah Emily Noaman who is a woman of many talents. She is a jewelry designer by day and a motivational coach by the weekends. She combines her love of jewelry and her passion for life to allow her to successfully maintain both ventures and not only create beautiful pieces, but to inspire people to be the best that they can be. This petite lady, who hails from Iran, describes her style as feminine and funky and has designed for the likes of Fergie and Fefe Dobson. She started her own boutique about five years ago but that was not the first time that she had dabbled in business. Recalling fond memories from her childhood, she mentions that she used to purchase candy from her local convenience store and would sell it to her friends at a higher price.

Jewelry designing is a passion of hers and started off as a hobby while she was an adolescent growing up in Toronto. She has a come long way since then and has designed for numerous international fashion weeks and festivals. However, Emily hardly seems preoccupied by the glamour of it all. ‘People are all the same, you see,’ she offers as a way of explanation, ‘being famous isn’t important, being a good person is.’

She is incredibly down to earth and family holds a special place in, both her professional and personal life. In fact, the name of her brand, 3SHAHS, is a collaboration of her mother’s, sister’s and her surname. When it comes to inspiration and designing her jewelry lines, she let’s everything around her inspire her. A frequent traveller, Emily is receptive of new experiences and cultures and many of her pieces are inspired by her travels.


‘The world that we live in is a huge inspiration.’ she says, ‘We are surrounded by beautiful colors, textures and people everywhere.’


Currently, she is working on her men’s fashion line called Monde|Maard, which will be out very soon.  Being a huge believer in giving back to the society, Shah and her team are organizing an afternoon tea fundraiser in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, called Gifts That Give (on Saturday November 10th).  For more information or ticket sales please email info@3shahs.com.

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Written by Humaira Riaz for OhWowYouWoreThat