How to Wear: Arm Parties

Original Arm Party on Man Repeller (Bracelets by Dannijo)



The now married Man Repeller may have coined the phrase, “Arm Party”, but she didn’t start the trend.  After all, way back in the 90s, as a tiny tot, I wore friendship bracelets on top of friendship bracelets give or take a couple of SNAP bracelets (remember how totally rad, and exquisitely painful, those were?) until my lame elementary school banned them.

All through college I was a bit of a jewelry minimalist, wearing it only occasionally, and what I did wear were quiet, understated pieces. Now, though, I’ve embraced the joy of the bangle and load up my arms with enough weight to make Leandra proud.

But how do you host an arm party without looking like you just left summer camp?


Keep the Guestlist Minimal


As a “less is more” jewelry girl at heart I try to keep the look in check by focusing on one arm and leaving the other bare or balancing it with just one simple bracelet. (Like this Gold Heart Charm Bracelet from Bauble Bar.) I also avoid wearing rings while arm partying so as not to feel like I’m lifting weights whenever I raise my arms!


CopyCat this stylish pinner by keeping colors similar


I have two bracelets that I always wear (Alex and Ani’s bronze Trident Wrap and a long discontinued silver Bean bracelet by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany) because they have some sentimental value and go with everything. But when planning an arm party, I try to keep in mind my outfit and colors. One arm party does not fit all! Simple outfits can handle more embellishment while wilder looks benefit from more toned down accessories. While clashing colors is fun (pink and orange always look fab in a so-ugly-its-good sort of way) try to keep everything in one tone so you don’t look like a mildly chic bag lady.

Start your own collection with a one-of-a-kind statement piece like the hand-painted neon rhinestone bracelet from LoveObsessed, then stock up on more affordable, fun bangles. I often find great, inexpensive sets at TJ Maxx and Forever 21. Another arm party staple is the “bar” bracelet, they are often delicate and simple enough that they can be paired with anything. I like this bar bracelet from LemonTreeLand.

Remember, an arm party is supposed to make you happy whenever you hear those bangles “clink” together or look down at your keyboard, so wear it however you’re most comfortable! However you choose to party, just go out there and swing your arms with pride!

Written by Kara Weymouth of the Bostonista for OhWowYouWoreThat